How to buy NFT on bePAY NFT Marketplace?

Purchase NFTs from your favorite KOLs.

Visit bePAY NFT Marketplace

You need to connect your wallet after accessing bePAY NFT Marketplace.
Visit bePAY NFT Marketplace


On the main screen, select your favorite NFT and select Buy
Choose to buy NFT
Users can see specific information of each NFT in the description sector. This includes the TRUPPA evaluation formula and statistics (described in both English and Vietnamese)
View NFT information
Select NFTs to buy and pay
There will be 2 options for customers to pay
  • Pay in full: Pay in 1 purchase
  • Pay in 4: Buy now, pay 25% today, and then 25% every fortnight (biweekly)
To pay in full, click on the “Pay in full” box. Click Pay
Pay full
To complete your payment with USDC/USDT/BNB, users need to confirm the transaction through their MetaMask account (Gas Fee is required)
Payment confirmation
Gas fee payment is the final step in purchasing NFT. Press “Confirm”
Gas fee payment
That's it, you have successfully purchased NFT by direct payment
Payment success
In case, you want to use Buy Now Pay Later - BNPL
After being verified, the customer chooses Claim
Identity verification
When you click claim, the system will ask you to sign an e-contract with bePAY via e-wallet, and pay for the first fee once only.
Confirmation of electronic contract signing
After signing, please wait 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete the procedure. Claim is successful as shown below
Claim successful
Turn back to the selected favorite NFT page. Continue to choose Pay in 4
Pay in 4
Signing is required before purchasing. This is free of charge.
Signature confirmation
You can track NFTs that are in the process of paying at My profile => Purchases
Pay gas fee
Buy NFT successfully. Please wait a few minutes for the system to confirm.
Confirmation system