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bePAY brings you a reliable security solution

bePAY's security solution

We understand that security is the biggest concern of any decentralized platform. What we do to make sure our platform is secure includes:

  • Audit our smart contracts regularly before major deployments.

  • Reserve our platform tokens to reward developers who found bugs in the platform.

  • Build a monitoring system to track any suspicious activity on the platform.

  • Incorporate emergency locks in our smart contracts to make sure the fund of the platform is secured in critical situations.

As mentioned above, we employ a monitoring system to automatically track & alert activities on bePay Platform. We also implemented an emergency lock mechanism in our smart contracts to ensure the fund of the platform is safe if the platform is underexploited.

With bePOS, our team has 4 years of experience in the development & operating of a POS system handling millions of transactions where it must be accessible 24/7, online and offline. So we bring this expertise to the bePAY platform, to ensure the stability & safety of the bePAY platform.

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