How to create your NFT on bePAY NFT Marketplace?

Create your own unique and personal NFTs

Select “Create” to start creating an NFT

Initialize NFT

Choose the type of NFT according to your needs

Select type of NFT

Fill in the basic information for the NFT you want to create

  • Upload file: Select the file you want to create NFT. There are many formats depending on your preferences.
  • Name: Name the NFT.
  • Description: Add description for NFT.
Fill in NFT information

After completing the above information, you can start customizing your NFT with different options

1. Select Collection for NFT.
Create a personal NFT
2. Properties: Set properties for NFT (if any)
3. Evaluate NFT based on TRUPPA
  • R – RARITY
4. List on the marketplace: Enter the desired selling price
5. Free minting
  • Turn on: The NFT can only be minted on bePAY's NFT marketplace and the creator will not have to pay a gas fee to create, but the buyer will pay that fee.
  • Turn off: The NFT will be minted on the BSC blockchain network and the creator will pay gas fees.
Create a personal NFT
6. Number of copies: Number of NFTs you want (For Multiple option, want to mint NFT with multiple copies)
7. Royalties: Percentage of the NFT value on each transaction (every time the owner buys and resells the product)
8. Select Create item and Confirm payment of gas fee
Confirmation and payment
9. Sign the confirmation
Sign the confirmation
10. The message is successful and you can click View you NFT to review your newly created NFT
Successful creation of NFT