How to sell NFT on bePAY NFT Marketplace?

Sell your owned NFTs easily and popularize them to more people widely.

Sell ​​NFT

You need to be verified your identity to be able to sell NFT.
In the My NFTs section, select Owned: There will be a list of NFTs you currently owned.
NFT owns
Select the NFT you want to sell then select List.
Select the NFT you want to sell
You can optionally sell in some cryptocurrency (USDC, USDT, BNB) and enter the value.
Then select List.
Enter the value of NFT
Select sale options then approve for this transaction.
NFT Terms Confirmation
Confirm and pay the Gas fee.
Pay for gas
Sign an e-contract.
So you have successfully listed to sell your owned NFT on bePAY Marketplace.
Cancel the sale by selecting Delist.
Successfully sold NFT