Is it secured to connect my wallet to bePAY??

Absolute Confidentiality

Just like your physical wallet, your crypto wallet is secure as long as you don’t compromise it.

When you connect your wallet to bePAY, you only give us permission to “view the addresses of your permitted accounts”, meaning we can’t take anything out of your wallet.

Any transaction that costs you any fee will be a separate pop-up you have to confirm each time.

So you’re safe when you’re on bePAY

Crypto wallets are almost impossible to hack. Most of the “hacks” you hear about are actually mistakes: The owner interacted with a malicious site or gave a scammer access to their wallet.

Some guidance on how you can secure your wallet

  • Never share your private keys, seed phrase or wallet passwords.

  • Store your private keys using a verified digital vault so that your information is safe and you can access it easily.

  • Verify every transaction you sign and only connect your wallet to websites/apps you trust.

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