bePAY is the first NFT Marketplace for International KOLs integrated with Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service. All NFTs from KOLs are carefully selected and evaluated by the unique TRUPPA Formula.


Our vision is to build a connection between fans and KOLs through a new bridge called Metaverse. bePAY will help them tap into the enormous potential of NFT and Metaverse.

In 2021, only on the Ethereum network, the NFT market reached 41 billion USD in sales, with more than 5 million people transacting and more than 2000 famous collections listed on major exchanges such as Opensea, Rarible, SoRare, and others. This is considered to be an impressive growth when compared to the first NFT that the community learned about only 5 years ago in 2017. With that fast-pace development, the market is expected to grow about 20 times more in the next 5 years. Along with this heatwave, Tech Giants worldwide have also confirmed to join the Metaverse. And NFT is now an essential tool for investing, collecting, promoting, and setting it as the central role in the initial phase of Metaverse development.

The NFT market will be shifted by numerous businesses racing to enter the Metaverse, leading to the tremendous development and transfer in the future. The NFT market is expected to overtake the traditional art auction market, which has reached 51 billion USD in 2021. All NFT’s addressable’s market is now about $1100 billion USD, which includes art, gaming, collectibles, and luxury products. This presents the bePAY with a significant opportunity since we entered the market early and has a strong foundation from the outset.

bePAY will bring to global users more alternatives, and an easier, faster, cheaper, and more efficient way to capture the wave of NFT and Metaverse.


The Unique Solutions

The bePAY platform combines 2 distinct solutions:

  1. NFT Marketplace: bePAY NFT Marketplace is designed specifically for KOLs. It is integrated with Buy Now Pay Post capabilities as well as the TRUPPA pricing evaluate formula.

  2. beLending: bePAY's DEFI application that aims to bring the Buy Now Pay Later solution to blockchain, allowing users to have more purchasing power while also increasing value and revenue for creators (sellers).

The comprehensive ecosystem

bePAY Ecosystem consists of the followings:

  • Platform base's users: 100,000

  • KOLs network: bePAY has officially signed and collaborated with more than 20 famous celebrities in various fields such as: music, cinema, fashion, finance, technology, ect. The total number of followers on social media of these KOLs has outreached 5 million. In 2022, bePAY aims to expand its network to more than 100 KOLs with a fan base of 60 million.

  • Partners: Marketing, Public Relation, Press Organizations are teaming up to help expand bePAY's Ecosystem and the KOLs Network.

  • bePAY integration: Mobile POS/ Ecommerce solutions for merchants.

  • Brands: Big Organizations use bePAY Payment Solutions and NFT Marketplace to connect to a wide variety of new customers.

bePAY's Governance Token - beCOIN

bePAY ecosystem is run and governed by the utility token - beCOIN. beCOIN is used for these following purposes:

  • Reward users upon each successful transaction (both Pay-in-Full and Buy Now Pay Later); Offer bonus points in Promotion Events to increase customers' retention.

  • Give credit scores to retailers to use as a discount for their consumers.

  • Used to pay for platform's transactions, such as: buyers' installment payment fees, investors' interest returns, and sellers' sale payment. The charged transaction fee is 2.5%

  • Used to make installment purchasers for Buy Now Pay Later options (Pay-in-4). The transaction fee for this circumstance is 7.5%.

  • Stake to receive incentives for platform's transactions and BNPL fees.

  • Stake to incline BNPL spending limit.

Burning mechanism: The project deducts 20% of quarterly revenues to buy back and burn tokens, helping reduce the quantity and raise the price of beCOIN in the long term.

In the future development process, beCOIN will be used for voting purposes to re-identify project's objective like a decentralized DAO organization.

Special Note:

  1. Total Token: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). The tokens will be distributed according to Project's Token Release Schedule and can't be minted under any circumstances.

  2. beCOIN is listed on reputable Exchange Platforms to improve its popularity and expand the project's community.

  3. All tokens distributed to Team and Foundation will be locked for 3 years (or when bePAY's Market Cap outreached 300 millions, continuously in a 3-month period).

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