๐Ÿ“˜Business Strategy

bePAY's Business Strategy

With a network of KOLs and fans, bePAY aims to promote and develop the NFT Marketplace business to serve the mid- to high-end sectors. Additionally, develop a habit of using the service for consumers, facilitating them in identifying bePAY as a trustworthy destination while accessing NFT and Metaverse.

Furthermore, bePAY will concentrate on the development of the DEFI protocol and beLending until the ideal capital flow is attained in the process: 1 million transactions in the previous 12 months (forecast in two years); Net Transaction Margin (NTM) of more than 2%; Missed payment rate of less than 5%.

The Reserve Fund can be used to make up the difference when the TVL in beLending isn't enough to fulfill the BNPL demand.

In addition, to keep clients involved with the platform, bePAY will integrate UI/UX optimization and provide a plethora of appealing rewards.

Flow of Funds

Flying-wheel Effect

Marketing Strategy

bePAY plans to promote and offer the projects first to Vietnam's consumers as:

  • 70% of Vietnam's population has limited or no access to banking services.

  • Vietnam is a promising market, with an Internet economy that expands at a 40 percent annual pace. Along with this, the middle class is expanding, and credit card usage has risen to 4% in the last several years.

  • Vietnam is the global leader in cryptocurrency adoption. According to a survey conducted, Vietnam has become the winner in crypto adoption sector, with 28,6% Vietnamese had invested in cryptocurrencies

Customer Journey

The following is the customer journey to access and use bePAY's products and services:

  1. The bePAY platform presently has over 100,000 followers and interests, with bePAY's KOLs community having over 5 million fans. Through these channels, bePAY will approach users, deliver NFT stories, and assist fans (who are consumers) in developing a deeper relationship with KOLs and understanding the value of purchasing NFT.

  2. Fans will be able to search, rate, and evaluate NFTs based on the TRUPPA methodology and the features that bePAY provides.

  3. Customers then go to the bePAY market, link their wallets, and purchase NFT on blockchain.

  4. Customers can purchase NFT using one of two payment methods: one-time payment (Pay-in-full) or BNPL (Pay-in-4) and receive NFT to their wallet.

  5. After successfully purchasing NFT, buyers will begin to feel, enjoy, and experience the benefits of possessing NFT, such as meeting with idols, purchasing premium tickets, and joining exclusive communities. When you become a VIP member, make sure to take use of the premium services.

  6. Owners can sell, rent, or even list NFT on another marketplace and Metaverses, in addition to reaping the benefits of NFT.

bePAY's target market

bePAY's target market is the network of KOLs and their fans, which ranges from small and medium KOLs (with more than 50,000 followers on social media and good influence) to major stars with millions of fans.

Singers, MCs, actresses, models, beauty queens, financial leaders, voices, gamers, designers, famous pets, and so on are all examples of all the KOL sectors that bePAY covers.

Furthermore, the bePAY KOLs' fans are based not only in Vietnam, but also in a variety of other nations across the world.

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