bePay Crypto BNPL


We are trusted by the famous partners in the region: Beenext, Bitbns...
With our potentials, bePay has received the trust and cooperation of many reputable and quality units both inside and outside the region, including:
  • bePay Foundation: bePay Foundation is serving 10,000 points of sale, 300,000 users across 10 countries and will take on the role of running bePAY's customer network.
  • Beenext Ventures ( ): Beenext Ventures is a well-known investment fund in Singapore, managing nearly 1 billion USD in total assets. Beenext Ventures has also funded more than 200 companies and many of them have become Tokopedia unicorns in Indonesia. In the bePAY project, Beenext will be an important investor.
  • Bitbns ( Bitbns is known as the largest crypto exchange in India with 2.2 million regular users. Coming to bePay, Bitbns holds the role of a leading strategic partner.
  • Ascent launchpad ( is a very potential "token launchpad" of Bitbns when it has supported many successful fundraising projects.\
  • VietnamFinance ( VietnamFinance belongs to “Top 5 Vietnamese Financial Investment Magazine” with 500,000 monthly visits.
We are also working with other potential partners in KOLs network, crypto e-commerce, NFT marketplaces, and will announce when we officially launch the collaboration.
Last modified 1yr ago