๐Ÿ’ทToken Potential

Why should traders & investors hold bePAY tokens in the long term?

07 Reasons that affect the token price rise:

  • The Project profit comes from the three fees mentioned (Merchant Fee, Transaction fee, Late fee) and all kinds of profit from BNPL activities will belong to the platform. Our project extracts 20% from the profit to buy back tokens and burn them quarterly.

  • Token will be continuously listed on creditable crypto exchanges to popularize and improve the project's community.

  • The total amount of token is 1 billion and won't be able to mint under any circumstances.

  • All tokens distributed to Our Team, Advisors, and Foundation will be locked for three years or when the project's market cap rises above $300M 3 months in a row.

  • Merchants having the demand of staking tokens can receive promotions regarding payment and BNPL fees.

  • Users can stake our tokens to increase their BNPL's buying limit.

  • Holders can stake to acquire more tokens.

Investors protection mechanism

The mechanism is that no one has a large number of tokens to sell-off. All big token holders are:

1) Cliff 1-2 years and vesting 12-24 months (when the project has a lot of users and good product)

2) Big investors will buy at a high price later on than IDO so they will expect higher prices and won't sell off unless the project is too messy

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