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Along with Beenext (investor) and Bitbns (strategic partner), bePAY is also supported and accompanied by experienced professional advisors in the fields of finance and technology.

Financial Advisors

Mr. Ho Quoc Tuan

Mr. Ho Quoc Tuan, currently a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at the University of Bristol in England, is a specialist in equity, cryptocurrency, and financial investments.
His interests include Valuation, Financial Modelling, Financial Analysis, Investment, Asset Pricing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Accounting Information for Capital Markets, Finance, and Technology.
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Learn more about Mr Ho Quoc Tuan here.
Mr. Huynh Nguyen
Mr. Huynh Nguyen is an expert in Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Private Equity. With 17 years of experience in the leading financial institution in Vietnam, he is familiar with the country's significant restructure and M&A deals in the country.
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Learn more about Mr Huynh Nguyen here.

Mr. Vo Dinh Tri (Chang Ngoc Gia)

  • Lecturer at University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and IPAG Business School (Paris, France).
  • Member of AVSE Global - Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts.
  • Mr. Vo Dinh Tri is a Ph.D. – Finance major, he also holds FLMI – LOMA certificate in Life Insurance.
Learn more about Mr Vo Dinh Tri here: Youtube | Podcast​
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Tech Advisors

Mr. Nguyen NGUYEN

With over 15 years of commercial experience in Project management, Software development, Consulting technology, Chaos Engineering, Leadership, and Cloud(s), Mr. Nguyen NGUYEN has good working knowledge in various coding languages.
Being Microsoft certified, he is also considered excellent in problem-solving and programming passionate, thoughtful, and sociable software engineer by previous partners he consulted, such as Origin Energy, Challenger, DHHS, Endeavour Group, etc.
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Mr. Minh Le

Receiving his Ph.D. from Utah University, one of the most respected universities in the United States, Mr. Minh Le has an impressive academic background. He also has 7 years in the software business and 5 years in scholarly study.
Mr. Minh Le is now a senior software engineer passionate about mobile apps on Android and iOS, Object-Oriented Programming, design patterns, and software optimization. He has worked in various global companies, including FPT, Iritech, Inria, NSoft Inc, ECE Dept, and now Walmart, one of the world's largest retailers.
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