bePay Crypto BNPL

What is bePAY?

bePAY is the World first NFT Marketplace specialized for KOLs that integrated with Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment solution and NFT evaluation formula - TRUPPA

bePAY Main Products:

bePAY Foundation is strongly constructed by 2 primary platforms:
  • bePAY NFT Marketplace: A specialized NFT Marketplace for KOLs and celebrities to earn massive income by selling their NFTs. The platform is also combined with the BNPL payment option and TRUPPA pricing formula to help evaluate NFTs true value.
  • beLending: A DEFI application (DApp) that empowers BNPL on Blockchain. The DApp is developed with a vision to incline customers' buying capability, at the same time increasing revenue and returns to sellers (NFT creators).
With the fusion of the 2 aforementioned, bePAY is a bridge connecting KOLs, fans and investors in a way that is easier than ever before. The solution also provides more possibilities to address the overall NFT and Metaverse market.

bePAY value

With the unique solution, bePAY bring a wide range of benefits to users, specifically:
  • For KOLs (Sellers):
bePAY develops a platform that allows KOLs to connect more easily and directly with their followers. Not only that, but with bePAY's community and communication channels, KOLs have greater opportunity to connect with a large number of fans all over the world.
Additionally, while selling NFT on bePAY, all KOLs’ images will be globally secured by copyright protection.
  • For Fans (Buyers):
Fans typically support their idols (celebrities, KOLs) in a variety of ways, including purchasing tickets to concerts and performances, purchasing music audios, supporting on Fan Pages, donating money on social media, and so on. However, most of these tasks are handled through middlemen and 3rd party platforms.
These 3rd parties will take a substantial portion of the expenditures associated with the above activities and profit from it, while the KOLs and fans will receive little benefit from these actions. In addition, middlemen function as a "wall" between fans and KOLs, preventing them from developing a deep, long-term relationship.
All of the above obstacles, however, will be eliminated with the bePAY NFT marketplace. Fans can now directly support their idols by purchasing NFT items from KOLs, creating a closer connection and receiving benefits upon every NFT purchase. Apart from all of that, the purchasing items will be recorded on Blockchain permanently and continuously producing passive income for buyers.
  • For investors funding for BNPL service:
bePAY offers BNPL services to grow KOLs and fans' spending power and ability to access premium items. The capital for the service is provided by beLending DEFI Protocol, this offers investors and fund donors with a better and longer-term return than existing DEFI Protocols.
  • For investors holding beCOIN
Investors owning beCOIN will gain numerous benefits from bePAY's sustainable business model, tokenomics and long-term welfare.

bePAY’s 3 potential features

The potentials that will boost bePAY's development includes:
  • Massive market: A potential token will require a significant market, as well as a lot of room for expansion. And the BNPL market is exactly what the bePAY initiative is striving for. According to McKinsey, the BNPL industry will be worth $106 billion by the end of 2022, and it is the fastest growing personal financing sector with a 20 percent annual growth rate.
  • Existing products: Active stores and strong users network; bePOS has a network of 10,000 stores and 300,000 users spread over 10 countries.
  • Experienced team: bePAY is founded and developed by a team of experts in Fintech, Technology, Sales, and Marketing. In addition, bePAY is led by a team of senior advisors with decades of practice in finance and blockchain.
Why bePAY is holding the potential of success?