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Updated 2nd Dec 2021

First Airdrop (Nov 13rd - Dec 13rd/2021) - Ended

All of our claim has been fully taken before end date. After 2 weeks since December 13th, we will send BECOIN tokens to all participants.
Follow 3 simple steps to get free 50 beCoin for you and your friends
Step 1: Follow ALL our social channels below
Step 2: Claim your first 50 Token by entering the BSC Wallet Address in the form (After you finish all actions, the Claim form will be enabled)
Step 3: Share the link below and earn another 50 Token each time your friends enter the form STARTING TIME: 13/11/2021 - 13/12/2021
REWARD => You and your friends will earn 50 Tokens for each one. After 15 days from the end date, both of you will receive token beCOIN.
NOTICE: You could claim a maximum of 1,000 friends, you could send for all of your friends and benefit together. For example, you recommend it to 1,000 friends. You received a total of 50,000 Token beCOIN.
Please leave your BSC wallet address below to get beCOIN (In case you don't have a wallet. Let's watch the tutorial video here and see how to create one: )

One of the passive incomes of bePAY is through a referral program, Can you tell us more about the referral program of bePAY? What rewards can we get in this program? And do the new users get rewards too?

With 20% of our total supply dedicated to building, developing, and rewarding the bePAY community, there will undoubtedly be several programs, competitions, and daily/weekly quests in which users can participate and earn BECOIN - our native token - by providing positive comments about bePAY.
In the near future, bePAY will launch various referral schemes through which consumers may earn BECOIN by referring friends to join our community.
Visit and enter the competition for a chance to win huge prizes, and don't forget to follow us on social media for updates on forthcoming community events and crypto awards.

What does bePay Finance plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

We have 5 strategies to attract more users substantially:
  • Focus on the B2B2C in crypto e-commerce, the crypto marketplace to provide their merchants and users the BNPL solution. That will benefit both of us.
  • Viral shares: Use the Refer program, giveaway
  • Referral program:
  • KOL network to share Useful content and Tips for the long-term
  • Personal Finance Academy platform to share how to spend and manage money smarter.