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IDO (Nov 21st - Nov 26th/2021)- Ended

bePAY IDO on Ascent Launchpad is going to be conducted on two chains, namely the ETH and BSC. Users can participate from their desired chain using their Metamask or Trust wallet dApp browser.
Updated: 27th Nov 2021

How to join IDO?

Don't lose out on the chance to take part in the project's first phase or put off investing until later; it might be too late. ⏰
📝IDO Information:
  1. 1.
    Total token: 13,000,000 BECOIN
  2. 2.
    Duration: Nov 21, 2021 to Nov 26, 2021 After 27/11: you can withdraw beCOIN to your wallet.
Price: 0.08$/coin
Here’s the URL to the listings: Ethereum:​
Binance Smart Chain:​
👉 Please be noted that ETH/BSC chain gas fees are required for any operation on Ascent (buy, vote or stake).
Video guide how to buy beCOIN :
Let's join the bePAY telegram community: for 24/7 support and all the earliest.

What is the amount of capital that bePAY going to call for the IDO?

  • Accordingly, 30% will be spent on the tech team, 50% on Marketing campaigns, and 20% on Operation/ Business
  • Detail will be continuously updated in our Financial Projection