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The NFT Marketplace platform is an internationally successful business that has been backed and invested in by a number of well-known investors, including:
  • OpeanSea is the world's largest open NFT platform, valued at $13 billion; Y Combinator was the first to invest, followed by Coinbase Ventures, Founders Fund, and others, with the greatest sum of money reaching $300 million USD.
  • Sorare, the world's largest soccer-focused NFT platform, is worth $4.3 billion, with over 700 million dollars invested.
  • NBA Top Shot NFT, which specializes in American professional basketball, was valued at $7.6 billion in the first quarter of 2022, with the investment from a16z for more than 600 million dollars.
  • Axie Infinity is a game with lots of funding behind it; the most current installment is 158 million by a16z. They've also developed an Axie NFT Marketplace to sell in-game items.
The bePAY NFT Marketplace concentrates on the KOLs section, such as Sorare and NBA Topshot's approach to establish a one-of-a-kind and specialized celebrity playground.
A proven model globally backed by reputed investor

Experiencing Issues

The inability to develop a stronger connection is a major issue for KOLs and their supporters.
With Celebrities (KOLs)
  • They are aware that NFT is hotly debated and the Metaverse is a societal movement, but they are unsure of how to successfully engage with this trend.
  • A scarcity of specialists for image-protection, copyright protection on social media and the Internet
  • Too much reliance on 3rd parties (producing firms, social networking platforms, agency partners) in interacting and engaging with their audience; copyright protection on social networks, the Internet.
With Fans
  • Until now, fans have supported their idols by purchasing tickets, donating money, and providing stars via platforms. This results in primarily one-way connections and ineffective support. A significant portion of these expenditures is collected by third-party middleman businesses that do not offer a solid, long-term link between fans and idols. In the end, they won't gain anything from this favor, either.
  • When fans contribute, they connect emotionally, but then they lose touch; they can either wait till the next event or continue to give money or stars, but there is no way to profit from this.
With NFT Collectors
  • In the absence of an NFT pricing model, it is unclear at what price to begin pricing products and using which formula.
  • Faced with NFT marketplaces brimming with nearly worthless NFT sets, anyone can list a commodity with little future value.

bePAY Solution

bePAY created the All-in-one NFT Marketplace, ushering in a new era for celebrities, fans, and investors.
For KOLs (non-traditional sellers)
  • bePAY offers free consultation and also helps create a channel for KOLs to interact more directly with their followers as well as protects their images copyright on a global basis.
  • Support co-production of collections of KOLs' collections, personalized with each KOL.
  • Assist KOLs with the broadest possible marketing and communication for their collections, reach out to more global fans through bePay's community and media platforms.
  • Collaborate with important Metaverse projects to enhance brand recognition in cyberspace.
For Fans
  • Build a stronger connection with your idols by purchasing their NFT merchandise.
  • There are special NFTs that possess numerous advantages. These NFT's price can rise in the future and create continuosly revenue as the NFTs exist eternally on the blockchain. This helps to encourage fans to actively support KOLs.
  • Support Buy first, pay later, which allows purchasers to obtain sold works more easily.
For NFT Collectors
  • The NFT market has a dedicated section with mid-range and high-end merchandise for celebrities. The items have been carefully chosen by NFT experts.
  • Products are categorized using the TRUPPA value algorithm, which includes six factors: Tangibility - Rarity - Utility - Popularity - Tangibility - Profitability - Ability of Development. This formula will assist investors in determining the product's true value.
For investors providing capital for Buy First Pay Post Service (BNPL)
  • KOLs and fans can use bePay's BNPL service to increase their purchasing power and have access to premium items.
  • This capital comes from the DEFI beLending protocol, which provides investors with a larger and longer-term return than current DEFIs.
For investors holding beCOIN
Investors can profit from a long-term business model, prospective economic rules (tokennomic), and a sustainable business model.
Popular NFT Marketplace

Market Potential

  • Within the first two months of 2022, bePAY has attracted more than 20 TOP KOLs with over 5 million fans.
  • Through 2022, bePAY expects to have 100 KOLs and a fan base of roughly 50 million people.
  • The number of waitlist participants has surpassed 30,000 and is likely to reach 50,000 when the NFT market opens in the second quarter of 2022.
  • The bePAY marketplace collection for KOLs is presently projected to be worth over $60 million, ranging from $500,000 for small & medium KOLs to $15 million for big celebrities.
  • The platform allows sellers to list their products for sale on the platform and allows shoppers to pre-purchase and pay-in-4 with no interest.
  • When users pay on time, they will be rewarded and their credit score will improve. The platform is also combined with a standard software system with decentralized (permission-free) smart contracts in a decentralized (permissionless) way.
  • Based on the model and market traction, bePAY believes in the potential of the celebrity-only NFT market, paired with the Buy Now Pay Later solution and the TRUPPA pricing formula.