• 9/2021:


  • 10/2021:

Community launching, early register for beta version Token Sale: Strategic Investors

  • 11/2021:

Token Sale: IDO on Bitbns/Ascent

  • 12/2021:

Build & refine platform prototype

beLending dApp on testnet

  • QI/2022:

Grow community + Build bePay NFT Marketplace & beLending

NFT marketplace with BNPL feature on Testnet

  • QII/2022:

Launching the official NFT platform (bePay NFT marketplace and beLending) with complete features such as Buy Now Pay Later, TRUPPA formula,...

Grow the network of KOLs and users

Monitor and evaluate the BNPL module to expand the network.

  • QI/2023:

Optimizing the interface on mobile

Grow more network

Monitor and evaluate the BNPL module for optimization.

Test the BNPL services + monitor the transaction/NTM/missed payment

beWallet app for iOS/Android on testnet.

  • QII/2023:

Expected to sell Token: 2nd Round

Optimize BNPL and grow community

Aiming for 1 million Transactions BNPL + $25m TVL + Reserve fund 5% GMV

bePAY Protocol on-chain Analytics Tool.

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