bePay Crypto BNPL

Operational Capacity

1. Is bePAY an additional project of bePOS (bePOS integrate) or an independent project?

  • bePAY is an independent project, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. bePAY can independently develop and partner with any POS businesses that are beneficial to the project.
  • bePOS will be a bePAY Foundation that contributes workforce, network, and clients for the project inception phase.

2. Will bePAY inherit anything from bePOS, including technology and users?

  • bePAY will be run and managed by the bePOS Tech/ Business/ Marketing Team in the first phase. For that, bePAY can take advantage of bePOS networking, which already includes 10,000 merchants and 300,000 users.
  • In terms of bePAY development, the bePAY team of the founder (Bach Pham & Will Truong) will work parallelly in the first phase; on the other hand, engineers for bePAY will be built separately and will have an additional development plan.

3. How many human powers are joining and will be recruited to serve the project? Is there any precise plan in terms of Human Resources?

  • Q4.2021 - Q1.2022: 12 people
  • From Q2.2022 to Q3.2022: 20 people
  • From Q4.2022: 30 people

4. What will the bePAY team do to help bePAY become the best project in the blockchain world?

Investing in a Crypto project is like investing in a technology startup company. The most important things are:
  1. 1.
    The potential market and vast possibilities of growth in long-term
  2. 2.
    Team: Experienced; has conquered a broad array of industries - Technology, Business, and Marketing
  3. 3.
    Good traction: Creditable product & Existing network of merchants and user.
With confidence, we believe that we have acquired fully 3 characteristics as mentioned above. For more explicit evidence, we are also trusted by the famous partners in the region: Beenext, Bitbns, Financial magazines...

5. What is the most ambitious goal of your project?

bePAY aims to become an NFT Marketplace platform for KOLs, integrating the world's first Buy Now Pay Later solution. All KOLs' NFTs are carefully selected and valued using the unique TRUPPA formula.
With the advantage of existing Team, Partners, Networks,... bePAY is confident about growing faster than other competitors and maintaining the success in the long run.

6. Why should investors hold the bePAY token in the long term?

Bitcoin holders and other investors make the biggest profit when they hold crypto for 3-5 years. Long term investors make more profit than short term traders. So when you invest in bePAY, remember our advantages: Market, Team, Traction... and think like a venture capitalist in Technology!

7. How does bePAY become famous all over the world? Does bePAY develop multilingual communities in all countries?

Currently, our network has spread over 10+countries; therefore, we can guarantee that we are experienced enough to work and serve multicultural and multi-languages clients professionally.
Also, adding to the mentioned, we already have plans to connect and reach non-English local communities, where people are more demanding and hungrier for new products and services;
Our potential clients are the Z Generation and Millenials, who will be significant buyers in the global market. All in all, with the mission of globalizing crypto, we make sure that we already have clear roadmaps in place to reach out to all corners of the crypto community.