bePay Crypto BNPL


1. How to rate the clients who can partake in the BNPL Program?

The rating criteria are based on:
  • The essential background and the clients' infographic, credit score, digital crypto wallet information,...
  • The process of using bePAY and finishing payment on time

2. If users won't be able to finish their payment, who will suffer the missed payment transaction?

The missed payment transaction penalty will be responsible by bePAY. The Reserve fund and Insurance fund will be used.
The industry's miss transaction payment rate is 10% -18% (According to Australian research). After bePAY reaches 1 million transactions, the platform will achieve the optimal percentage of miss transaction payment < 5% and net transaction profit margin > 2%.

3. What can merchants acquire when participating in the bePAY BNPL program?

According to the team's analytics, there are three benefits when merchants participate in bePAY's BNPL program:
  • ~25% profit growth
  • ~20% client’s retention increase
  • ~ 15%-20% monthly average profit growth

4. What is the competitive advantage of bePAY?

BNPL is becoming an emerging trend among Gen Z and Millenials in America, Europe, Australia, and certain parts of Asia when it comes to shopping payment. BNPL programs have now been integrated into several large retailers' POS systems, including Walmart, Amazon, and Target. However, major BNPL businesses such as Afterpay, Klarna, and Affirm currently only accept normal fiats for installment financing.
bePAY is currently the pioneer in promoting BNPL programs with Crypto worldwide, as it strives to become the destination for Crypto. Our services will be made available to our 10,000 merchants in over ten countries. bePAY's BNPL solution is also available to merchants that want to keep up with the fast-paced growth of crypto, blockchain, and DeFi and want to provide a different payment option to their customers at the point of sale.
As previously said, the market is enormous, and bePAY has a lot of potentials to become a viable product and expand swiftly in the future.

5. How does bePAY's BNPL model work?

First, bePAY's BNPL model does not require you to provide collateral or hold the beCOIN token. We aim to go mass adoption with the Crypto Marketplace, NFT and support Metaverse trading!
The way bePAY BNPL model works as following:
After launching, you could see bePAY BNPL in the check out screen of your marketplace. You could buy the product with just 25% of the amount.
For example: As usual, you gonna pay $100 for the product but using bePay you just have to pay $25 in the first place then pay other $75 in next 6 weeks ($25 per 2 weeks);
If you are not able to pay in the corresponding period, you will have to pay the late fee with a small amount and can not use bePay in the marketplace until you finish the full payment!
6. Is BNPL better than a credit card? How do all the participants in bePAY’s platform get rewarded?
The BNPL is better than credit cards for both merchant and consumer because they are more flexible, less requirements for registration, the loan period is longer and the late fee is much more reasonable!
The participant will get a reward when they make transactions and other actions on the platform.
7. How does bePAY handle bad debt? Does bePAY use CIC to track customer debt history? If bad debt occurs, is it included in bePool as a provision for risk?
bePAY will not use CIC. We will build a new credit scoring model and evaluate customers from the moment they start trading on our system;
Bad debts incurred will be backed up by the Reserve Fund! Our model is different from the traditional one and will focus on managing factors: minimum loan, retention rate, industry... to grow faster and more effectively!

8. Has the founding team evaluated the finance cost between traditional BNPL with stable pool coin? As some concern stated that the APY stable coin is always under 10$:

APY stable coin fluctuates from 4-14% depending on each DEFI. Our team evaluated this as effective in the first phase. When the project scales bigger, the project might be more effective and flexible when paying the interest to attract more stable coins into the project, increasing TVL.